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We offer a full range of windows solutions

uPVC Windows

These are often what people think of when they imagine “double glazed windows”. They offer a number of advantages such as improved insulation of heat, durability and ease of maintenance.

Casement windows

These are a type of uPVC window which are extremely popular due to their simple, beautiful design. Our expert fitters are able to install to your exact specifications to ensure a wonderful looking result.

French Casement windows

Ever increasing in desirability, these are based on the French Design which allows for a more minimalist design for your windows.

Sash windows

These are a perfect choice if you want your window solutions to blend in better with the existing design of the room. They copy the opening mechanism of traditional windows while providing all the benefits of our latest technology.

Tilt and turn windows

These provide the best choice for windows where security might be a concern. They provide plenty of light and ventilation but have a restricted opening for security. These are common for exposed points of entry such as windows which open out onto public roads, or windows on rooftops.

Bow and Bay Windows

These windows are curved, often found at the front of house.

They allow a magnificent view, lots of natural light whilst also maintaining a large amount of ventilation and fresh air to flow freely.

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